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    Living a Magickal Life through Yoga & Ritual

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Join me as I share with you the magick of yoga and ritual and how it can transform your life.


Practice becomes firmly rooted when attended to for a long period of time, without interruption and with complete devotion.
-Yoga Sutra 1:14

Weaving the spiritual into everyday life for the working professional, stay at home parent, artist or student and everyone in between. Being a householder, mother, teacher, studio owner and traveling fashionista I’ve been there!

Is leading a spiritual life always easy? No. But as the old adage goes, anything really worth it never is. But it can be done and it can be fun. Let’s tap into the spiritual spice of life… I will be your guide… Life’s a Journey, Travel in Style!

Begin to Live Your Yoga and allow the journey to unfold!

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