Altar Your Space – Create Your Own Sacred Place

Altar Your Space – Create Your Own Sacred Place


Altars are all around us.  Do you have a mantle filled with family photos or trinkets from travels?  Do you arrange your kitchen table with a seasonal centerpiece or candles?  Does your nightstand house books, glasses, lotions and a lamp?  Look around your home and notice your working altars.  Find an empty corner, bookshelf, closet or room in which you can setup a meditation altar.  There is no wrong way to do it!  Many of my mobile altar spaces remain the inspiration behind the Garden’s Altar Your Space Boutique.

photo 1-9Makeshift Outdoor Earth Day Altar

photo-142Bedroom Meditation Altar

photo-121Desk Altar – The desk itself is one of the most priceless items in my home office: an antique roll-top desk from my grandfather’s welding shop.  A sacred space that offers tranquility in a very busy place – here at 4am under a full moon!

IMG_5187Forgot the meditation timer… again

photo-133Working Kitchen Altar

Because the sacred responds to our intentions and faith, we can make an altar of any size or design, in any location, for any purpose or need. -J.S. Khalsa

I love spending time in front of and even passing by one of may altars at any given time.  The carefully chosen items on each altar – some busy, some minimalistic – bring me joy and serenity and remind me of Spirit, guiding me in active prayer.  Creating a sacred space or altar is not about acquiring the latest accoutrement or special knick-knacks in order to look like something you see in a book or magazine.  It can be an ever evolving process of finding what works and appeals to you.  Do you like using a slightly scented candle during prayer or meditation?  Instead of purchasing a specially scented candle, use a non-fragranced  candle and drop a few drops of your desired scented oil beside the wick, or anoint the entire outside of the candle in an essential oil blend (a drop or two of essential oil mixed in base oil – almond or olive creates a good base).  Just the action and intention of infusing the candle can help set the mood and create the space to move your prayer from intention to fruition.

Stay tuned with future posts and our happenings at the studio’s Altar Your Space Boutique and learn all about color and candle correspondences, incense, oils, room sprays, flower essences and other items that can enhance and transform your own personal sacred space!

hOMework – Currently my kitchen table houses a seasonal candle and a dried flower housed atop a Gnostic prayer book, as well as a little Chat Pack box (mini-cards with conversation topics which leads fun family conversation).  Always make an offering, before partaking of any meal, of gratitude through prayer, blessing, mantra… whether audible or silent.  How can you turn your dining space into a more sacred space for nourishing your body, mind, and, thus, spirit?  Would love to hear your experiences – reply below!

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