April Moon

April Moon

april moon(photo: yoganonymous.com)

The Moon in April is known this year as the blood moon because of the lunar eclipse – the shortest one of the century.  This month’s moon is also known as the growing moon, hare moon, and pink moon, among others.  The word April is derived from the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, also associated with the Roman goddess Venus, and is a time for unfolding leaves and flowers.  This month can house Easter as well as celebrations for Kali of India and Hathor and Bast of Egypt, and Babalonian Ishtar.  Rome honors the goddess of spring flowers with Floralia, a 3 day Festival of Flora and Venus.  April’s moon phases correlate with the following associations:

Full Moon: love, beauty, renewal, fertility

Crescent Moon:  healing, meditation, herbs, domestic arts

Dark Moon:  marriage & family, motherhood, women, the arts, prosperity, protection


April Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  geranium, basil, dragons blood, bay

Incense:  bergamont, patchouli

Trees:  pine, bay, hazel

Animals:  wolf, bear, hawk, magpie

Deities:  Kali, Bast, Hathor, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Ceres

Colors:  gold, red



If you first see the New Moon outside and over your right shoulder, good luck will come your way – make a wish as you look at the moon – it will be granted!



Review the correspondences for each moon phase in April above.  Chart out this year’s Full Moon, New Moon and Dark Moon (click here for chart).  Make an offering, prayer or meditation using any of the April Moon Correspondences above on the day/night of each moon phase, or one day before or after.  For those celebrating Easter this weekend pay special attention to the cycles of resurrection and renewal in your own life.


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