Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox


During this time of year the harvest is winding down and the autumn equinox is upon us.  On or around September 21 is a magickal time to give thanks for what we have and offer gratitude for the harvest, whether that be actual crops from our herbal or vegetable garden, or the fruits of our actions from the past year, and celebrate the gifts of the earth.

The Autumn Equinox or Mabon is a time of year that we honor the changing of the seasons and can be celebrated in many different ways.  One great way is to find balance between the light and dark.  As daylight savings time comes to a close, and there is an equal amount of day and night, we can reflect on the aspects of our own lives, the light and the dark, and work on finding balance.  Here are just a few ways to bring the celebration of thankfulness and gratitude into your life:

1.  Go apple picking
2.  Hold a food drive or donate to your local food pantry
3.  Get back to nature by enjoying the mild weather
4.  Visit a local winery and enjoy their grape harvest
5.  Celebrate the home by doing a little Fall cleaning
6.  Share with someone a childhood fairytale or timeless story
7.  Dance, sing, skip, jump rope – raise some energy!
8.  Meditate – take 5 minutes to relax – CLICK HERE.

Find your own creative way to offer gratitude for the abundance we have at the season of harvest.

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