The Last New Year’s Resolution Ever Needed!!

We are embarking upon the most popular time of the year to start or renew a yoga practice.  Classes are filled with new and seasoned students wanting to get the new year started off on the right foot.  We see excited beginners donning their new yoga clothes and latest yoga mat as well as existing practitioners in attendance hoping to reinvigorate their practice.

Along with this new excitement and resolution making comes the possibility of not following through with the work ahead.  But there is a way to make this New Year’s yoga resolution the last one you will ever need to make!

In order for a New Year’s Resolution to take hold, you must embrace change.  Though difficult, change is exciting, fulfilling and oh, so powerful.  It is through the fires of change that we grow.  If it were easy we would have reached perfection many moons ago.

What is the ultimate agent for change?  Yoga.  Permanent change, as a result of a dedicated yoga practice, is from which all other changes can happen and really take hold.  Yoga can change you on a more fundamental level; beyond the surface of those resolutions of the past like weight-control, job change, or even your relationships.

Remember, the true science of yoga was developed thousands of years ago with the singular purpose of changing the student/practitioner into a fully self-realized being.

But is is important to remember the following Yoga Sutra 1:14:  Practice becomes firmly rooted when attended to for a long period of time, without break and with complete devotion.  Repetition is the mother of success.  As long as you adhere to these principles, yoga will provide you with permanent change for the advancement of your Self.

Why not make the last – and lasting! – New Year’s Resolution you will ever have to make:  Commit to a regular yoga practice, with complete dedication and in all earnestness.  And enjoy the ride!

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2013!

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Yoga for the Immune System

yoga certification

By Bhavan Kumar 

The immune system is the body’s protector. It is constantly fighting off germs and bacteria that can cause us to become ill. Unfortunately, it can become compromised if we don’t take care of ourselves. Things like stress, not getting enough sleep, and not eating enough healthy foods all take their toll on the immune system. Too many of us take on too much and don’t listen to our bodies when they tell us to slow down. This is another reason why your Yoga practice can be beneficial. Asana and pranayama strengthen your body, and therefore can help to strengthen your immune system.

As we practice Yoga training, we are more mindful of our bodies. That mindfulness can help us realize that we need to take care of our bodies more. That means making an effort to put healthy foods in our bodies and reduce the amount of unhealthy things we put into our system. We have to keep our bodies strong. Asana practice can help us calm down and bring about that inner peace that is so crucial to keeping stress at bay. After all, stress is often the culprit behind many different illnesses and disorders. High levels of anxiety can have a number of adverse affects on the body. So it makes sense to practice Yoga in order to reduce the stress in our lives.

In today’s fast paced world, many people just keep going and going until they hit that proverbial wall. Keeping up a hectic pace all the time isn’t healthy. We’re all busy, but taking the time to practice regularly can help us center ourselves and calm our minds. The gentle stretching of asana practice can help to release hormones in our bodies that not only make us feel good, but also have the ability to fight off infections and other organisms that want to invade our bodies.

Mindfulness (of ourselves and others) is a mainstay to a healthy Yoga training session. Yoga can teach us to listen to our bodies, and by doing so we learn how to differentiate what is good for us and what is not We need to recognize what our bodies are telling us and start listening to them, and your practice is a great way to start doing just that.

© Copyright 2012 – Aura Wellness Center – Publications Division

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Yoga Garden’s Live Your Yoga & Teacher Training

Whether you are interested in teaching, or simply moving deeper into your yogic practice (which was why I took my first ‘teacher training’ over a decade ago!), ask yourself if it’s time! Many of us eventually get to a point in our yogic practice and want to delve deeper… we begin to understand that there’s so much more to it than standing on our head or achieving hanumanasana! We put a “&” between Live Your Yoga ‘&’ Teacher Training for that exact reason… you don’t have to have teaching on your future agenda… but, then again, you never know what possibilities may just open up!!

Dates & Times
May 3-5, May 31-June 2, July12-14, August 2-4, September 13-15, October 4-6, November 8-10 &
December 6-8
Sessions begin Friday evenings at 6:30pm and conclude Sundays at 5:00pm – daily times may vary

Course Topics
Beginning & Advanced Sequences * Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle * Ethical Guidelines * Styles & Types of Yoga * Karma Yoga & Selfless Service * Purification * Yama & Niyama and the 8-Limbed Path of Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras * Detoxification * Cleansing * Mantra * Pranayama * Meditation & Concentration Techniques * Postures & Sequencing * Yoga Nidra & Relaxation * Yin Yoga * Restorative Yoga * Yogic Nutrition * Auryvedic Principles * Chakras * Business of Yoga * Teaching Circles * Continued Education Recommendations * Ancient Texts & Scriptural Studies * Yoga Therapy * Anatomy & Physiology * Adjustments & Modifications * Introduction to Prenatal * History * Student Assisting & Teaching * Developing a Daily Practice & Practice Journal * Homework and Practice Assignments

Requirements & Considerations
*Daily Asana, Pranayama & Meditation Practice (home study or in class setting)
*8 required textbooks (list will be issued upon acceptance of Application)
* Attendance at a minimum of 3 Monthly Intensives; preregistration required
*Attendance in a weekly class at Yoga Garden (minimum)
* Multiple research papers and class reviews
* Karma Yoga – 9 hours minimum Volunteer Service
* Student assisting & teaching internship towards the end of program
* 10% Off any class pass, books & retail items in boutique

Investment Options
Option 1: $2500 Paid in Full by February 1, 2013 ($250 is non-refundable/non-transferrable) with Application.
Option 2:
$500 Deposit ($250 is non-refundable/non-transferrable) with Application; and 5 payments of $520/ea due prior to each of the first 5 training weekends.
Option 3: After February 1, 2013, $2800 Paid In Full ($300 is non-refundable/non-transferrable) with Application
Option 4:
After February 1, 2013, $800 Deposit ($300 is non-refundable/non-transferrable) with Application; and 5 Payments of $500 due prior to each of the first 5 weekends


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FREE Blog Course! 16 Days of Yoga Basics Plus – Begins Tuesday!


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Yoga Basics Plus – A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

But it’s not only for Beginners!! Even for seasoned practitioners or those wanting to know more about what’s beyond the physical practice, this will will be a great introduction and refresher. Here’s a small appetizer of topics covered:
* What is Yoga?
* Benefits of Yoga
* Healthy Lifestyle
* Types of Yoga
* Advice for Beginners
* Yoga Accessories
& More!

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In 2 Weeks!! Sound Light Healing with Pierre Garreaud

This coming 27 &28 of October we are having a very special guest here at Yoga Garden. This is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss! Pierre Garreaud is a Peruvian Sound Healer, Shaman and Kundalini Activator. He will lead us through his hypnotic sounds and chants into higher states of consciousness and deep healing. He is adding two great processes to the weekend workshop which feels magically awesome!!!


Please enjoy the letter below from Pierre:

I will be visiting NC from October 25th to November 4th, 2012. I am excited to be teaching Sound Light Healing Level 1 at the Yoga Garden on October 27 & 28, 2012.

This amazing and unique workshop caters to anyone who wants to excel in their spiritual development. You don’t need to be a healer or to know anything about healing to benefit from all the tools and knowledge that will be offered this weekend.
Through the many conversations I have had with Dharma, I have redesigned the Sound Light Healing workshop to help and assist the participants. You will receive extensive information on how to work with the chakra system, the etheric Light Body and safety ways to expand the Kundalini energy that resides within.
Sound is extremely powerful, a key opener that seduces through vibration the dormant sacred snake that resides coiled in the tailbone. In the rainforest of Peru, Kundalini is called Sachamama. Sachamama is the mother snake who is enchanted by the “icaros” (chants) of the medicine shaman inviting her to dance with the participants for the purpose of clearing, awakening, and soul traveling.
Per request of Dharma, I am including two extra processes that will change and deeply transform participants as they journey inward during this weekend workshop. These two additional processes are the Ancestral DNA clearing and the Birth Right Activation.
As we are born into this world we bring our bubble of consciousness that merges with the embryo seed of our father’s and mother’s lineages. In this way, we inherit a physical vehicle that we will be using during this new incarnation. What we don’t know, but what the ancients new, is that this new body holds ancient Karma from both of the lineages. What is called now by some spiritual faiths as original sin,  meant original karma at that time. This new light as “original karma” brings a totally different understanding of how to clear our body vehicle in order to have a great ride through this Ascension times.
The Ancestral DNA Clearing  is a process that removes and clears that “junk stuff” that lives within us and that is activated as we move through our lives. This junk, which is part of the vibrational information stored in what is called Junk DNA does not belong to you. Your lineage sickness, limiting belief systems, attitudes towards life (scarcities, fears, struggles and torments) are transferred to your body as you incarnate but do not belong to you. Clearly and simply, it is not YOU!
The purpose of the Birth Rite Activation is to reestablish a solid connection to the Divine and to keep us open to the Divinity within us. The goal is to open the 4 upper seals(Chakras), clear them and establish a deep rooted connection between you and the Divine. Soul parts and fragments are called back to your etheric body and your Dharma switch is turned “on”as we call all the good deeds you have accrued through different incarnations.
The benefits from this workshop are immense. As a result of this transformational experience you will be moving more energy through your inner channels. You will become a better meditator and a better healeras you bring healing to others and yourself.
I am very excited to meet you, help you activate your Kundalini and be part of your Awakening process. The video above is where I explain how I visually saw Sound as a Tapestry of Color. Enjoy!!
In Light and Service,
Pierre Garreaud
with Pierre Garreaud
October 27-28, 2012
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 9am-5pm


More Details About the Workshop at Yoga Garden

A workshop designed to help participants expand consciousness, increase their energy level, achieve their highest potential and live life to its fullest. The Light Body or aura is an electro magnet that attracts all kind of life

experiences in order to match one’s personal vibration, life lessons and karma. Learn how to heal yourself and others through Sound Light Healing. Create a positive and vibrant Light Body to help you manifest powerful and healthy relationships, abundance and perfect health.

Workshop Outline

  • ✦  Working with sound and energy
  • ✦  Activating your healing hands
  • ✦  Healing Tools from Rain forest, “Icaros: shaman chants
  • ✦  Creating your healing songs. The healing voice.
  • ✦  Reading energy by using the pendulum
  • ✦  Clearing Past Life, Ancestral and present Karma with Sound
  • ✦  Protecting yourself and your client by opening Sacred Space
  • ✦  Healing the lower chakras to help reach Higher Consciousness
  • ✦  Moving through Joy and activating the Magnetic Heart
  • ✦  Magnetizing the Light Body to Manifest your Dreams
  • ✦  Creating a new vibrant Life by healing to Sound Vibrations

    Things to Bring

    • ✦  Pendulum (can be purchase online at any gem store)
    • ✦  Comfortable attire, water & lunch.
    • ✦  Musical instruments: Bring rattles, Drums & your Voice. We will be selling drums, rattles & Tibetan Bells at the event
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