Create Pray Love – Day 28

Yoga Sutra 1.35

विषयवती वा प्रवृत्तिरुत्पन्ना मनसः स्थितिनिबन्धिनी॥३५॥

Coming into activity of higher senses also becomes helpful in establishing steadiness of the mind.

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Create Pray Love – Day 27

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire widsom, one must observe. -Marilyn vos Savant

Write down three quick observations about a butterfly, the post office, your yoga practice…

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Create Pray Love – Day 26

Yoga Sutra 2.47
By lessening the natural tendency for restlessness and by meditating on the infinite, posture is mastered.

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Create Pray Love – Day 25

Answer these questions in your journal:
* Things I love:
*I nourish my well-being by:
*I am at my best self when:
*If I could become a master or aficionado of anything, I would like to know most about:
*I feel secure when:
*My definition of beauty is:

Interpret your answers:
*What themes showed up in your answers?
*What words or concepts feel important or are intriguing to you?
*What words, images and/or feelings cross your mind?

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Create Pray Love – Day 24

Take others into your heart, not into your self-esteem.
The part of me that is connected to others and to the divine speaks directly to my mind. It informs me of who I am, where I am, and Who is with me. The ego* tries to find some way to turn all situations into praise for itself, including problems and failures. But true self-esteem is build and sustained through connection with our Source. -Prather
*Edging God Out

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