September Moon

lughnasadhThe Harvest Moon of September rings in the Autumn Equinox around the 21st of the month. This year we celebrate the Equinox on September 23rd at 4:20am. The September moon is also known as Wine Moon and Singing Moon, among others. As we enter into this second of the three harvest festivals, the fruit harvest, this month’s wheel of the year season is that of Mabon (Celtic) or Michaelmas (Christian). Some earth-based traditions celebrate a form of Thanksgiving at this time, choosing vegetarian and vegan options in lieu of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey spread. This month is marked by such Goddesses including, but not limited to, Durga, Demeter, Astarte, Innana, Isis, Freyja, Kore, and Hathor, as well as the Dark Goddess and representations of the Lady of the Forest.

As we enter this time of equal light and dark, this time of year is about balance. This sacred time just before the darker, cooler, winter months settle in to allow the earth to rest. In order to help create balance in your life, begin to incorporate some of the following correspondences and activities this month to help yourself naturally and easily go with the flow of the seasons.

Full Moon: protection, consecration, cleansing

Crescent Moon:  blessing of new life (child, animal, plant, etc.)

Dark Moon:  losing programmed fear, karma, self-discipline


September Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  copal, fennel, milkweed, rye, sage, skullcap, valerian

Incense:  copal, sage, storax

Trees:  bay, dogwood, hazel

Animals:  ibis, stag, salmon, snake, sparrow

Deities:  Demeter/Ceres, Frejya, Hathor, Innana/Tammuz, Isis, Kore-Persephone/Prosperpina, Mabon/Modron, Ma’at, Nephthys, Rhiannon,

Stones: citrine, peridot, rose quartz

Colors: orange, red, green, black, purple, gold, bronze, brown, yellow-green

Action/Concentration: meditation


Friendship Branch

Items Needed: tree branch with twigs on it, small fresh flower blossoms (pink if you can find them), small ornaments

A meaningful, personalized gift for family or friends. Attach items onto the branch, or place items in small mesh or silk bags to hang from branch. These ornaments and charms can be used by the recipient at a later time to attach to a bracelet, used in ritual, or placed on a home altar. Some ideas for ornaments: fish symbols, evil eye glass bead, small dolls, dice, charms of any type, mesh bags of herbs, etc.



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August Moon

ganesh moon (photo:

The Corn Moon of August represents the first harvest season.  The first harvest season being that of grain, then fruit and lastly meat.  The August Moon is also known as the Barley (grain!) Moon and Harvest Moon, all though September is more commonly known as the Harvest Moon.  Lammas, or Loaf Mass, is another label for this time of year in honor of the nurturing sustenance of grain and the miracle of bread.  This is a great time of year to start helping out or donating to local food banks, giving those less fortunate a chance to break bread together.

In the Hindu and yogic traditions, Lord Ganesha is honored during the August festival called Chauti.  He is a well-loved symbol of protection and is the remover of obstacles, and also rules over wisdom, good luck, literature, prosperity, and peace.

Be joyous, for this is the time of Ganesha!

The Lord of Obstacles comes riding to his festival,

With his help, all success shall be mine.

I greet you, Ganesha.

All obstacles in my life are removed.

I rejoice in your presence, Ganesha.

Good luck and new beginnings flow down upon me.

I praise you, Ganesha.

I rejoice!  For good luck and changes come.


Full Moon: opportunity, prosperity, fertility

Crescent Moon:  creativity, spiritual growth

Dark Moon:  banishing (ridding ones self of what no longer serves), removal of obstacles


August Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  angelica, calenduala, chamomile, fennel, goldenrod, St. John’s wort, rue; grains: corn, barley, hops, rye, wheat

Incense:  amber, copal, frankincense, heliotrope

Trees:  alder, cedar, hazel

Animals:  dragon, lion, phoenix, sphinx; birds of all types especially eagle and falcon

Deities:  Aphrodite/Adonis, Arianhrod, Diana, Cerridwen, Ganesha, Hathor, Hecate, Innana/Tammuz, Lugh, Taliesin

Stones: amber, cat’s eye, carnelian, fire agate, jasper

Colors: black, gold, green, grey, yellow


Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

8oz raw pumpkin seeds

1 Tbsp. salt

1 Tbsp. olive oil

Preheat oven 400*.  Boil 2 cups of water, add salt.  Pour salted water over seeds to soak overnight.  Drain seeds.  Coat bottom of thick baking sheet or roasting pan with olive oil.  Toss seeds in oil on pan and spread out evenly.  Bake 5-15 minutes, depending on the size of the seeds.  You may stir occasionally .  Toast until lightly brown, don’t over toast.  Let cool and enjoy.  Other flavorings such as garlic and chili, hot pepper, and soy sauce may be used.


Bake or purchase a loaf of fresh bread – my favorite is sprouted grain spelt bread.  Share at a table our outside with family and friends.  Don’t forget to leave a few extra crumbs as an offering to other special outdoor critters.

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July Moon & Goddess Celebrations


The Full Moon of July is known by many names, most popular are Hay Moon, Thunder Moon, and Blessing Moon.  Named after Julius Caesar, this month was originally known as Quintilis.  July marks the month to celebrate the marriage of Isis and Osiris in the Egyptian lineage, and to celebrate Neptunalia for placating the god of the seas, Neptune, in the Roman mythos.  Maat is the Egyptian goddess of judgement and truth, also daughter of Ra and wife of Thoth, and whose workings are celebrated at the crescent moon.  Buddhabodhiprabhavasita is the Buddhist goddess who controls the awareness of Buddha and is a mediator and teacher of universal truths.  My personal patron Goddess and Saint is the blessed Mary Magdalene whose feast day is celebrated on July 22nd.  More Goddess representations are listed below.  This month direct your awareness towards personal growth and improvements by increasing your knowledge, creating, make efforts for prosperity, as well as remembering to take the time to nurture and enjoy yourself.

We strive toward Spirit again and again,

With faltering steps, unsure of the way.

Open the gates of enlightenment.

Make for us a new day

Of karmic purpose and goal,

A path to a new Earth soul.



Full Moon: protection, balance, decision making

Crescent Moon:  justice, equality, truth

Dark Moon:  beauty, karma, reincarnation


July Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  agrimony, honeysuckle, hyssop, lemon balm

Incense:  frankincense, gardenia, jasmine

Trees:  ash, oak

Animals:  crab, dolphin, ibis, swallow, turtle, whale

Deities:  Athena, Cerridwen, Hel, Holda, Khepera, Nephthys, Venus

Stones: moonstone, pearl, ruby, white agate

Colors: bluish gray, silver


Floral Sachet

1/2 oz dried roses

1/2 oz sweet-smelling dried flower(s)

1/2 oz dried lavender

1 Tablespoon orris powder

5 drops geranium oil

small sachet bag

Gently mix together all dried flowers.  Lightly toss in orris powder and geranium oil.  Spoon mixture into sachet bag and enjoy!



Imbue your day with Goddess Athena’s attributes of leadership, protection and bravery by adding olives to your diet, or put a small oak leaf into your shoe to promote a strong heart.

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June Moon


The Full Moon of June (named after the Great Mother Goddess Juno/Hera) is known as the Strong Sun Moon, Mead Moon, Strawberry Moon, Lovers’ Moon, and Honey Moon among others.   Flowers are in full bloom, early summer fruits and vegetables are starting, and it’s a great time for strawberry picking!  As we pay homage to the longest days of the year before the Summer Solstice, celebrations are abound around the world.  In Egypt, Goddess Hathor is honored as well as a the festival of the Burning of the Lamps for the temple of Goddess Isis.  In the Isis/Osiris myth, when Osiris ascended to the heavens he went to the Moon, resulting in Isis calling upon the Moon to bring him back to her.  June is considered a lucky month in which to be married because of its association with Goddess Juno.  Medical Buddhas and the birth of the great spiritual teacher, Padmasambhava, are celebrated in Tibet with mystery plays and sacred dances.

June is a great month to maintain and enhance what you already have.   Nurture yourself, your relationships, your career, your garden, and your Spirit.  This month is also National Rose Month, National Iced Tea Month, and Rebuild Your Life Month; and remember Father’s Day!

Full Moon: love, beauty, fertility, strength, survival

Crescent Moon:  decision making, responsibility

Dark Moon:  compassion, understanding, shadow-self


June Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  meadowsweet, mosses, parsley, skullcap, sunflower, vervain, yarrow

Incense:  lavender, lily of the valley

Trees:  oak

Animals:  butterfly, frog, monkey, peacock, wren

Deities:  Juno, Hera, Isis, Ishtar, Cerridwen, Parvati

Stones: agate, flourite, topaz, sunstone

Colors: golden green, orange


Pincushion Potpourri

4 oz rose petals

2 oz lavender flowers

2 oz rosemary

1 oz frankincense resin grounds

1 cinnamon stick, broken

Grind ingredients, not too fine, leaving some texture.  Wrap mixture in cotton square cloth, tie tightly with ribbon and use as a yummy pincushion.  Voila!



Leave little offerings for your plant life spirits, indoors and out!  Milk, fruit, bread or honey are all pleasantries appreciated by the plants and animals surrounding your abode.


Extra Credit

Give your lawn some TLC, prune your bushes, and weed the garden.


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May Day & Full Moon Celebrations

 (photo: In The Orchard – Franz Dvorak, 1912)

In a celebration of the start of summer we can incorporate the Celtic fire celebration of Beltane, which also honors the harvests to come and our cyclical need of renewal.   Around May 1 we celebrate the marking of the Sun’s midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.  Some schools of thought are that this celebration was scheduled for the full moon nearest this midpoint, which varies from year to year and may be closer to May 5-7, where it is believed that the veil between the physical and spiritual world are very thin.  This year, 2015, the full moon falls on May 4th.

In the time of the Celts this marked the beginning of the summer season when herds of animals and livestock were taken out to graze on mountain lands and in summer pastures.  One way in which animals and livestock are honored is to lead them between two bonfires to promote purification and transition, inviting the good harvest of the season to come.

Incorporate some of this season’s correspondences below to honor the fires of purification through prayer and/or ceremony, as well as bestowing and sharing the new creative power that is stirring in the world; remembering to literally STOP and smell the flowers!

May Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  elder, mint, rose, juniper, lily of the valley, marigold, mugwort, rosemary, thyme, yarrow

Incense:  benzoin, rose, sandalwood

Trees:  hawthorn

Animals:  cats, herd animals, lynx, robins

Deities:  Aphrodite, Artemis, Bast, Diana, Venus, (Innana, full moon)

Stones: amber, carnelian, emerald, malachite

Colors: green, white, brown, black, pink


Great Goddess Bath Salts

Combine the following in a glass container with a lid, shake it up, and pour into bath:

1 cup salt

8 drops lily essential oil

8 drops magnolia essential oil

4 drops myrrh essential oil


Lord, purge our eyes to see
within the seed a tree,
Within the glowing egg a bird,
Within the shroud a butterfly,
Til, taught by such, we see
beyond all creatures, thee.
-Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

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