Mindful Muse – March – Seasonal Mandala

ostara mandala

This is the time of year for rebirth.  Begin to notice the new life in nature taking place all around you.  Take time each day to bend down and physically touch the earth.  Offer gratitude for and blessings to Mother Earth and Her continued nurturing support beneath us.


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Mindful Muse – February – Intention Candle

yellow drip candle potion lady

(www.etsy.com – potionlady)

In honor of Lady Brigit/St. Brigid this month make a special infused candle with your intention for the year ahead, or make a special yellow and golden candle to help usher in the growing light of the season.


single colored pillar candle (preferably white)

solid color taper candle(s) – favorite color(s), or green and gold for Imbolc

glitter, crushed dried herbs

favorite oil (optional)

parchment paper or wax paper


1.  Set pillar candle upright and spread out ingredients on parchment or wax paper

2.  Light taper candles to get them melting

3.  As taper candles begin to melt, drip their wax onto the top and down the sides of the pillar candle, filling the top of the pillar candle with the wax from the colored taper candles

4.  While wax is wet, sprinkle herbs and/or glitter onto the pillar candle.  CAUTION:  Dried herbs are very flammable.  Crush herbs finely to help reduce danger of too much flame when lighting the candle.

5.  After wax cools, anoint candle with your intent using your favorite oil.  If your intention is something you want to bring into your life, stroke the oil onto the candle in a direction towards you; if your intention is something you want to remove from your life, stroke the oil onto the candle in an outward direction away from you.

6.  You may also add herbs and/or glitter onto the oil for a two-layered look.

7.  Charge the candle with your intention with an invocation or personal prayer, then light and enjoy.

st bridgit imbolc christian

Prayer to Saint Brigid

You were a woman of peace.
You brought harmony where there was conflict.
You brought light to the darkness.
You brought hope to the downcast.
May the mantle of your peace cover those who are troubled and anxious,
and may peace be firmly rooted in our hearts and in our world.
Inspire us to act justly and to reverence all God has made.
Brigid you were a voice for the wounded and the weary.
Strengthen what is weak within us.
Calm us into a quietness that heals and listens.
May we grow each day into greater wholeness in mind, body and spirit.



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Thank You!

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Midweek Morsel: Kundalini Meditation Guidelines

untitled (140 of 161)Meditation Time

Most Kundalini Meditation practices call for a duration of 1, 3, 7, 11, 22, 31, 62, and 180 minutes. The benefits of increasing the duration of your meditation practice are as follows:

1 minute – calming effects are realized

3 minutes – parasympathetic nervous system begins to strengthen

7 minutes – circulation and blood is positively affected

11 minutes – changes glandular and nervous systems

22 minutes – the Three Minds (negative, positive & neutral) balance and begin to work in harmony

31 minutes – the whole mind is affected including your aura, and the 5 elements (tattvas) of the body begin to balance (earth, air, fire, water, ether)

2.5 hours – the subconscious mind holds the change throughout the cycle of the day


Meditation Duration

In order for the body and mind to hold on to the desired change that a dedicated meditation practice can bring, design your daily practice with the following benefits in mind:

40 days – to change a habit

90 days – to confirm a new habit

120 days – the new habit becomes who you are

1000 days – the new habit has been mastered

Blessings and Sat Nam




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Week 4: Kundalini Meditation for the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Benefits: Even though this meditation takes energy to perform, the results are highly relaxing. Using the virtues of patience and self-control while your body is under tension actually promotes and strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system.

Posture: Sit in a comfortable position that allows the spine to be straight and tall. You may sit cross-legged on the floor or seated on the heels. If you are not comfortable on the floor, sit in a straight back chair without leaning back and feet flat on the floor.

Instructions: Eyes are softly open just 10%, gazing towards or beyond the tip of the nose. Extend arms overhead in a wide ‘V’-shape at a 60* angle. Keeping arms very straight and elbows softly locked, turn the palms of the hands out, fingers together, bending at the wrists and pressing through the palms to create a 60* angle with the forearm. Mentally/silently chant ‘Sat Nam’ on each inhale and mentally/silently chant ‘Sat Nam’ on each exhale. Breathing is long and deep.

Duration: If the 7 minute duration in the video is too deep, start with 3 minutes and work up to 7 minutes. You can move up to longer durations – the longer the better.

Reminder: Do not push through any breathing exercise that feels uncomfortable. If you ever feel anxious or a shortness of breath, return to your normal breathing and move through the exercise or conclude the exercise if necessary.

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