Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual


What helps you get your day off to a good start?  Setting up daily morning routines and rituals can help provide stable and inspiring environment in which to build a daily spiritual practice that feeds your home, work and overall environment.  Take some time this week to jot down in your journal your daily routine for each day and begin to notice the similarities of each day.  What has become your morning ‘routine’.  Next, record how the routine makes you feel… does it lead seamlessly into a productive day, or do you need more time to get organized and prepare for the day ahead?  Of course the most common comment I receive when requesting that everyone should carve out some time each day for meditation is that there are just not enough hours in the day.  Well, who said you had to find quiet time for an entire hour?  Begin with 5 minutes, each and EVERY morning.  I recommend finding that 5-30 minutes first thing upon waking; however, for some it may be less ‘stressful’ to go ahead and get ready for your day, and save 5+ minutes before walking out the door to clean house in the mind by coming to a seat, sitting still, and simply breathe.

My morning routine does not really fluctuate during the weekday vs. the weekend, but it does allow for flexibility from time to time to edit, revise and rearrange.  It does change sometimes from season to season, but the bones of my routine stay the same.  I have to admit, I do get a little out of sorts when I don’t get my normal morning rituals in, but I also know it is important to be gentle on myself during those times, and just get back to it at the next opportunity.

Here is a breakdown of my traditional morning ritual:

* wake up naturally by my internal alarm clock (or husband snoring, whichever comes first)

* sit in front of my altar on on my meditation cushion for meditation – 30+ minutes

* grab some warm lemon water with a dash of ginger or cayenne

* sip it on the way to take children to school (usually dressed much to the kids’ chagrin in my p.j.’s, furry boots, and they’re happy if I wear my winter coat instead of my bathrobe – no shame!)

* shower, shampoo, and shine

* sit at my home desk for daily spiritual study – I typically have 2-3 classic texts or reference books that I concentrate on completing each year

* during the warm months I will go for a walking meditation outdoors or move through some sun salutations and postures, but in the colder months, my physical activity comes in the afternoon

* take a look at my calendar for the day, make any necessary adjustments, then am off for my eclectic daily appointments

I would love to hear what works for YOU – reply below!



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