Deepen Your Practice-At Your Service!

Deepen Your Practice-At Your Service!

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Monthly Membership Mentor Plus!

Are you looking for personal guidance in your yoga or spiritual practices?

Are you wanting to customize and deepen your practice?

Do you need someone to guide you in accordance to your lifestyle and schedule?

Are you needing guidance as a yoga teacher, business entrepreneur or mindful mom?

Do you have questions about what holistic practices will work best for you?

Would you like assistance on coming up with an action plan for finding mindfulness in every day?

Here is your chance to dedicate yourself to your Self. As an upgrade to our Live Your Yoga Studio Membership, beginning in August, you now have an upgrade option of personalized instruction and mentoring with Dharma on a weekly basis.

Truth * Beauty * Yoga * Life

There are four elements of a transformational practice: intention, attention, repetition and guidance. A teacher or mentor can help guide us through these essential elements. But it is also important and vital to know that the best teacher is your own inner Self.  At Your Service: Coaching and mentoring services are offered to select persons inspired by the principles discussed in her teachings and through her experience in yoga, business & life. Sessions are focused on personal, spiritual and professional growth. Each client-based session includes an individual action-plan including personalized hOMework including specific meditation, mantra and mudra sets, and recommended resources for further research and inspiration. Let me help and inspire you Live Your Yoga by incorporating truth, beauty, yoga and authenticity in life!

$169/month (over $200 value!) auto-renew includes:

*Weekly classes at Yoga Garden (unlimited value!) Max. 1 class/day
*Monthly Hatha Raja Sadhana – ($30 value!) First Wednesday of every month, 6:30-8:30pm
*Private monthly Mentoring or Reiki session with Dharma.  ($75 value!) Mentoring sessions are available via Skype, phone and/or email, including personal guidance of spiritual practice, business coaching, holistic practices, breathing, mantra & meditation plans and more!
*Live Your Yoga Online Membership – ($197 value!) weekly asana, meditation, breathwork & journaling information & optional hOMework

*10% off workshops & retail items at Yoga Garden

Begins August 1 – Only 6 Spaces Available! – Preregistration Only – Click Here

Get Started Now!  Take just 7 minutes to invest in yourSelf and enjoy Breath of Awareness Meditation

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