Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day Celebrations


On April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day in honor of the Earth and to meditate on the Divine manifesting as Mother Earth, also known as Gaia.  Mother Earth, Gaia, Earth Goddess.  During the Stone Age men and women world wide recognized the strength and spiritual powers of the Goddess through creation, healing, and renewal; life, death, and rebirth.  Goddess-centered spirituality is resurfacing as an elixir for returning balance to our modern world.  By respecting the Earth through Goddess Gaia, healing of our world will occur through our care, honor, and respect as we care for all of earth’s beings and her elements.

This is also an opportune time to explore the following festivals:

Festival of Ishtar – Babylonian Goddess of love, fertility, war, and sexuality

Feast of Elaphebolia – Greek festival dedicated to the most popular Goddess Artemis, the mistress of animals and the wildland.  She was also known as the strong Goddess of the hunt and protectoress of women and young girls.

Continuing the theme and following Earth Day, April 23 leads us into the celebration of the Green Man who represents rebirth, and is a great time to honor the spirits of vegetation and the forests.

Take a walk in the forest, bare earth beneath your feet, plant a tree, tend to your garden, say a blessing for each morsel you eat, drink (lots of) water with reverence, concentrate on your root chakra and it’s daily connection with Gaia.  And remember, EVERY day is Gaia Day!




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