February Full Moon and Goddess Brigid

February Full Moon and Goddess Brigid

The first few days of February are dedicated to purification, and the bringing in of the light from midwinter.  During this time we honor the Old Celtic and Irish feast of Goddess Brigid (Brigit, Brighid, Brid), or the Christian feast of St. Brigid, whose day is February 1-2, by offering candlelight and purification rituals. February 2nd also represents Candlemas when purification ceremonies around the Christian world.  This year the full moon comes just after these sacred times, and still holds the power of bringing intentions into fruition. Originally and still to this day, fires were lit to welcome Brigid as she traveled around blessing fields, animals, and the people of the land.

This month’s Full Moon is February 3rd, remembering that a day prior and post to this date carries with it the full moon energy.  This month is the Ice Moon, also known as Storm Moon, Sage Moon, Cleansing Moon, and Wild Moon among others.

February comes from the Latin root ‘februum’, which means purification.  This is a great time to take a cleansing salt bath and give your surroundings a good pick-me-up by clearing the clutter and maybe even a little sage smudging around your home, especially around the windows and doors.

Whether you light a single candle to help St. Brigid continue to bring in the light into the upcoming season, or plan a pre-Spring cleaning while repeating mantra and burning camphor and frankincense incense under the light of day, help bring in the essence of Goddess Brigid and her message into your world in any creative way that inspires you.

February Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  hyssop, myrrh, spikenard, sage, clove, nutmeg, bay, basil, heather, grain & nuts

Incense:  camphor, frankincense, wisteria, heliotrope

Trees:  cedar, laurel, rowan

Animals:  otter, groundhog, eagle

Deities:  Brigid, Kuan Yin, Demeter, Persephone

Gold Buddha Bath Salts (for Prosperity)

Shake up all ingredients below in a sealed container, preferably glass.  Small canning jars are my favorite, and an ideal inexpensive and reusable alternative to fancy containers.

1 cup salt

8 drops lotus oil

2 drops cinnamon oil

8 drops sandalwood oil

3 drops myrrh oil

2 drops allspice oil

If you want to make a larger batch, shake in a teaspoon of baking powder as a preservative.

Come join me this Wednesday, February 4th at 7:00pm for the monthly Sacred Circle of the Mindful Muse and learn more about this sacred time of year!

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