Find the Joy

Find the Joy

This weekend in Cultivating Your Home Practice we will be focused on Finding the Joy in our practice. 

Whether we practice at home or in class or in some combination of the two, our yoga practice never need be a chore if we can find the joy in it. We rarely finish practice or class without feeling better than when we began – this is what keeps us coming back. But sometimes, even the most dedicated among us can struggle to find the motivation to roll out our mat or to gather our things and drive to class.

Here are some of the ways I’m finding the joy in my practice lately:

Breath. Connecting to my breath brings me back to this moment. A few minutes of conscious breathing leave me feeling calm and connected and aware. My breath is a joy.

Moving. Currently, my practice is slow and gentle and I’m moving my body with great care. I feel the energy slowly expand out through my limbs, to my fingers and toes and all my edges. That sensation is a joy.

Stillness. The quiet of the early morning before barking dogs, the get-ready morning rush, before cars and construction is a balm to my soul. The silence is a joy.

Support. A supported heart opener feels so sweet. That stretch, from the center of my ribcage – the spread of my collarbones…That is JOY.

Sometimes we find the joy is in the tiny things, the sensation in our toes, the feeling of the breath entering our body; sometimes it’s in the big things like a challenging pose or the reliable calm of a good long savasana. One of the amazing things about yoga practice is that as universal as some of these experiences are, the details of what brings us joy in any given practice are uniquely our own. Finding these joys, whether tiny or monumental can keep our practice fresh and keep us motivated when it’s tough going.

What’s bringing you joy in your practice??

With love and thanks to my teaching partner Anne.



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