Gratitude Journal: A Very Personal Thank You

Gratitude Journal: A Very Personal Thank You


Photo: Me, Brittney & Doreen ‘Cooking in the Raw’

I would like to take this opportunity to honor two of our longest-standing teachers, friends and mentors at Yoga Garden – Brittney Powell and Doreen Baum.  Their dedication to their personal practice and teaching the Holy Science of Yoga has helped make the Garden the  sanctuary it is today.

Brittney has been a staple at the Garden since the beginning, and was our first official teacher, other that David and myself!  I met Brittney many years ago when she was just starting her yogic journey.  At the time I was leading class at our teacher’s school, and Brittney showed up for my class regularly each week.  What a young beauty to have been so blessed to find her path that early in life.  I remember her tapas in building herself up to a solid headstand.  She worked so hard, yet kept the yogini mentality of equilibrium, focus, devotion and with integrity.  All though I do not get to see her on a regular basis, I know Brittney’s presence at the Garden is a strong one.  She is the epitome of grace in action.  She is a great reflection of why we show up, every day, and dedicate ourselves to something greater than ourselves by truly living our yoga. Thank you, Brittney, for being such a integral and ongoing part of Yoga Garden and its community and such an inspiration to others.  You are a true blessing, a golden treasure and a beloved teacher.  Om Shanti.

Though no longer in N.C. and a regular face ‘at’ the studio, Doreen is still with us heart and soul.  You will find sprinkles of her spirit throughout the Garden, from our lovely logo to her teacher training that shines through many of our instructors.  From the inception of Yoga Garden, Doreen stepped in and stepped up, dedicating countless hours and endless energy and enthusiasm to the upkeep and organization of our studio and staff.  She helped keep me on the right business track; not an easy task – and kept the Garden moving forward.  Anyone who has had the honor of being in her class or simply in her presence understands immediately her love for and deep knowledge of the yogic postures, philosophy, and lifestyle.  Everywhere I go in the studio, office and even the hallway, I see a reflection of Doreen, and it warms my heart.  Thank you, Doreen, for your selfless service, keen insights and knowledge, and sacred spirit.  Om Shanti.

Who has been an inspiration to you?  How can you make them aware of the most subtle ways in which they have touched your life?


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