June Moon

June Moon

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The Full Moon of June (named after the Great Mother Goddess Juno/Hera) is known as the Strong Sun Moon, Mead Moon, Strawberry Moon, Lovers’ Moon, and Honey Moon among others.   Flowers are in full bloom, early summer fruits and vegetables are starting, and it’s a great time for strawberry picking!  As we pay homage to the longest days of the year before the Summer Solstice, celebrations are abound around the world.  In Egypt, Goddess Hathor is honored as well as a the festival of the Burning of the Lamps for the temple of Goddess Isis.  In the Isis/Osiris myth, when Osiris ascended to the heavens he went to the Moon, resulting in Isis calling upon the Moon to bring him back to her.  June is considered a lucky month in which to be married because of its association with Goddess Juno.  Medical Buddhas and the birth of the great spiritual teacher, Padmasambhava, are celebrated in Tibet with mystery plays and sacred dances.

June is a great month to maintain and enhance what you already have.   Nurture yourself, your relationships, your career, your garden, and your Spirit.  This month is also National Rose Month, National Iced Tea Month, and Rebuild Your Life Month; and remember Father’s Day!

Full Moon: love, beauty, fertility, strength, survival

Crescent Moon:  decision making, responsibility

Dark Moon:  compassion, understanding, shadow-self


June Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  meadowsweet, mosses, parsley, skullcap, sunflower, vervain, yarrow

Incense:  lavender, lily of the valley

Trees:  oak

Animals:  butterfly, frog, monkey, peacock, wren

Deities:  Juno, Hera, Isis, Ishtar, Cerridwen, Parvati

Stones: agate, flourite, topaz, sunstone

Colors: golden green, orange


Pincushion Potpourri

4 oz rose petals

2 oz lavender flowers

2 oz rosemary

1 oz frankincense resin grounds

1 cinnamon stick, broken

Grind ingredients, not too fine, leaving some texture.  Wrap mixture in cotton square cloth, tie tightly with ribbon and use as a yummy pincushion.  Voila!



Leave little offerings for your plant life spirits, indoors and out!  Milk, fruit, bread or honey are all pleasantries appreciated by the plants and animals surrounding your abode.


Extra Credit

Give your lawn some TLC, prune your bushes, and weed the garden.


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