March Moon

March Moon

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The Moon in March is known as the Storm Moon, Plow Moon, Seed Moon, Moon of the Winds, Crow Moon, and Sap Moon.  It is also known as the Worm Moon, when the ground begins to soften, the earthworm begins to make its way to the surface, and the robins return.  Remember the saying that March is ‘in like a lion and out like a lamb’?   With all of the winter weather we have been having, many of us will welcome this adage!  The Spring Equinox is just around the corner, falling on March 20th this year, which is a sacred time of year celebrated in many world cultures.  From the ancient times of Greece and Rome and their Matronalia celebrating Hera and Juno, to the Egyptian harvest festival honoring Isis, we come upon the time of year where the sun continues to grow in the sky and the days become longer.  This continues to be a great time of year to continue your ‘Spring cleaning’ in preparation for the upcoming months.  Help ring in this season by incorporating some of the March correspondences below, and enjoy the bath salt recipe for prosperity!

New Moon, true Moon,

Star in the stream,

Pray tell my fortune

In my dream.

Pale Moon doth rain,

Red Moon doth blow,

White Moon doth neither rain nor snow.


March Moon Correspondences

Herbs:  High John root, Irish moss, Lily of the Valley, lemon balm, vervain, broom

Incense:  honeysuckle, apple blossom, meadowsweet, lavender

Trees:  dogwood, alder

Animals:  sea eagle, sea crow

Deities:  Athene, Astarte, Artemis, Luna, Minerva, Hecate, the Morrigan, Black Isis

Colors:  light green, red-violet


Bath Salts for Prosperity

1 cup kosher or Epsom salt

5 drops cherry essential oil

2 drops anise essential oil

Shake all ingredients together in a mason jar.  Add to warm bath.



Enjoy the full moon this month honoring the return of the Spring cycle by placing some fresh flowers inside your home, light a white candle and place a flower in a small bowl of water.  As you watch this floating flower in the candlelight think about the blessed powers of Mother Nature that bring back these plants, flowers, and harvest each and every year.  How does this power touch your own life?

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