Snow Moon Walking Meditation

Snow Moon Walking Meditation

snowy pathDuring this phase of the dark moon, it is a natural time to turn inward for contemplation and meditation.  Before all the white stuff melts, try this walking meditation to help ring in the return of increased sunlight in preparation for Spring.  Is the snow in your area already melted?  No worries – just imagine it is underneath your feet!

Bundle up!  Begin by standing at your starting point and observing the white ground around you.  Take a few moments to thank Mother Nature for her splendor, and set an intention for your walking meditation.  If you find the mind wondering, come up with a word or mantra that ‘reminds’ you of your intention, and repeat it mentally with each step.  Simply begin at a comfortable pace, looking at the ground just ahead of you.  Allow each step to contain full awareness and meaning, each step filled with gratitude.  If you can, listen to the crunch of the snow as you step in.  About half way through your walk, begin to envision, with each step lifting off the ground, a small plant or flower bud beginning to peek up through the snowy ground underneath you.  Each step gently uncovering the blessings and wonder that are Gaia.

After returning to the indoors as thank the Divine for a warm abode.  While the heart is primed with gratitude, send out prayers, offerings or wishes to those who may need a little extra sunshine or warmth in their lives.  Share the following punch in communion with family members or friends – children love it!

Herb Punch

juice of 6 oranges & 2 lemons

1 large handful of lemon balm

2 large handfuls of borage

1 large handful of mint

1 cup pineapple or other fruit juice

1 quart tea (strong)

syrup made with 1 cup sugar, boiled with 1/2 cup water

3 quarts ginger ale*

Pour 1 1/2 quarts of boiling water over lemon balm and steep 20 minutes.  Strain liquid onto borage and mint.  Add fruit juices, tea and syrup.  Refrigerate 8+ hours.  Strain into a punch bowl.  Add ice, extra mint if desired, and ginger ale.  *(I do not drink soda, so instead of ginger ale I will use water [sparkling water if you like a little bubbly] just to dilute it a bit without adding the extra sweetness and carbonation.)

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