The Gift of Meditation

The Gift of Meditation

The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. -Sogyal Rinpoche

Interest in meditation continues to grow as  people struggle to make sense of their complex lives.  Even though they appear to be exciting, personal meaning will never be found in the technological accoutrements of contemporary life and material goods only offer temporary satisfaction, if any.  Materialism and technology are here to stay as they are the driving forces of contemporary society.  Even though we cannot change our own history, we can find a greater vision where these powers have an appropriate place, but do not rule over us.

Meditation calls out for us like nourishment to a starving man.  It has stood the test of time, yet we see our predicament; we sense the imbalance at the heart of our shared lives.  It is time to return to this balance, time to look within.  Especially here in the West, we tend to live  more in the ‘outside’ world.  As we look towards meditation we come to examine the very values, principles and beliefs that have sustained us for so very long.  Self-knowledge and self-awareness lie ahead.  Questions will arise and our answers will come not from the intellectual, rational mind, but from the expanded consciousness, insight and wisdom which arise from a meditative mind.

In the West, meditation has become a popular antidote to our stressful lives.  But meditation is not simply a remedy for overwork and the stresses of life.  This is simply one branch from a much sturdier tree.  Though often confused with relaxation or a form of therapy, meditation is more of a process of expansion.  It is a means of complete personal transformation.  Allow this idea become an invitation to begin  your own transformation.  Take this journey yourself and discover the meaning behind the words.

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