The Last New Year’s Resolution Ever Needed!!

The Last New Year’s Resolution Ever Needed!!

We are embarking upon the most popular time of the year to start or renew a yoga practice.  Classes are filled with new and seasoned students wanting to get the new year started off on the right foot.  We see excited beginners donning their new yoga clothes and latest yoga mat as well as existing practitioners in attendance hoping to reinvigorate their practice.

Along with this new excitement and resolution making comes the possibility of not following through with the work ahead.  But there is a way to make this New Year’s yoga resolution the last one you will ever need to make!

In order for a New Year’s Resolution to take hold, you must embrace change.  Though difficult, change is exciting, fulfilling and oh, so powerful.  It is through the fires of change that we grow.  If it were easy we would have reached perfection many moons ago.

What is the ultimate agent for change?  Yoga.  Permanent change, as a result of a dedicated yoga practice, is from which all other changes can happen and really take hold.  Yoga can change you on a more fundamental level; beyond the surface of those resolutions of the past like weight-control, job change, or even your relationships.

Remember, the true science of yoga was developed thousands of years ago with the singular purpose of changing the student/practitioner into a fully self-realized being.

But is is important to remember the following Yoga Sutra 1:14:  Practice becomes firmly rooted when attended to for a long period of time, without break and with complete devotion.  Repetition is the mother of success.  As long as you adhere to these principles, yoga will provide you with permanent change for the advancement of your Self.

Why not make the last – and lasting! – New Year’s Resolution you will ever have to make:  Commit to a regular yoga practice, with complete dedication and in all earnestness.  And enjoy the ride!

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2013!

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