Truth*Beauty*Yoga*Life – A Mindful Muse Guide

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Become a Mindful Muse by infusing your everyday with spiritual practice including yoga, meditation, ritual, practical tips, creative endeavors, and more!  You can be effectively in this world-connected to the everyday of family, business and community while at the same time live a deeply spiritual life, feeling the divinity in everything and everyone. You can dance in the rain, laugh till you cry and enjoy a vibrant romantic life filled with passion and playfulness. This has been my experience that I want to share with you. Spirituality does not have to always be so ‘serious’— and you don’t have to feel like a monk or a stoic if you practice. As a matter of fact, living a more spiritual lifestyle can make everything more luminous and wonder-filled!  Life is a Journey, Travel in Style!  135-page PDF Ebook available for immediate download!


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