Week 2: Kundalini Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Week 2: Kundalini Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Benefits: This is a classic Kundalini meditation that activates the energy flow between the meridians to the brain resulting in clearness of the subconscious mind that allows us to access higher centers of the brain. This is also a great practice just upon rising in the morning or just before going to bed.

Sa – totality, the universe

Ta – life, creation

Na – death, dissolution

Ma – rebirth, regeneration

Posture: Sit in a comfortable position that allows the spine to be straight and tall. You may sit cross-legged on the floor or seated on the heels. If you are not comfortable on the floor, sit in a straight back chair without leaning back and feet flat on the floor.

Instructions: Eyes closed. As you chant each Sa-Ta-Na-Ma visualize the syllables coming in through the crown of the head and exiting out through the third eye center in an L-shape. Each syllable of the Sat Nam chant is practiced with the corresponding mudra:

Sa – thumb & index finger

Ta – thumb & middle finger

Na – thumb & ring finger

Ma – thumb & pinky finger

Chant aloud for 1 minute, wisper the chant for 1 minute, repeat the chant mentally/silently for 2 minutes, whisper the chant for 1 minute, chant aloud for 1 minute.

Duration: Begin with 1 minute sections as shown in the video (1 minute aloud, 1 minute whisper, 2 minutes silently, 1 minute whisper, 1 minute aloud). Once you feel comfortable extend the duration to 11 minutes. Once you feel comfortable and are ready to increase the duration, chant each section for 3 minutes each (3 minutes aloud, 3 minutes whisper, 6 minutes silently, 3 minutes whisper, 3 minutes aloud).

Reminder: Do not push through any breathing exercise that feels uncomfortable. If you ever feel anxious or a shortness of breath, return to your normal breathing and move through the exercise or conclude the exercise if necessary.

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