Yoga for the Immune System

Yoga for the Immune System

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By Bhavan Kumar 

The immune system is the body’s protector. It is constantly fighting off germs and bacteria that can cause us to become ill. Unfortunately, it can become compromised if we don’t take care of ourselves. Things like stress, not getting enough sleep, and not eating enough healthy foods all take their toll on the immune system. Too many of us take on too much and don’t listen to our bodies when they tell us to slow down. This is another reason why your Yoga practice can be beneficial. Asana and pranayama strengthen your body, and therefore can help to strengthen your immune system.

As we practice Yoga training, we are more mindful of our bodies. That mindfulness can help us realize that we need to take care of our bodies more. That means making an effort to put healthy foods in our bodies and reduce the amount of unhealthy things we put into our system. We have to keep our bodies strong. Asana practice can help us calm down and bring about that inner peace that is so crucial to keeping stress at bay. After all, stress is often the culprit behind many different illnesses and disorders. High levels of anxiety can have a number of adverse affects on the body. So it makes sense to practice Yoga in order to reduce the stress in our lives.

In today’s fast paced world, many people just keep going and going until they hit that proverbial wall. Keeping up a hectic pace all the time isn’t healthy. We’re all busy, but taking the time to practice regularly can help us center ourselves and calm our minds. The gentle stretching of asana practice can help to release hormones in our bodies that not only make us feel good, but also have the ability to fight off infections and other organisms that want to invade our bodies.

Mindfulness (of ourselves and others) is a mainstay to a healthy Yoga training session. Yoga can teach us to listen to our bodies, and by doing so we learn how to differentiate what is good for us and what is not We need to recognize what our bodies are telling us and start listening to them, and your practice is a great way to start doing just that.

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