Yoga Meditation – Where Do I Start?

Yoga Meditation – Where Do I Start?

Many Yoga teachers have difficulty explaining their meditation practice to students.  What is Yoga meditation? Yogic Meditation is a discipline in which a Yogi transcends the reflexive mind into a deeper state of awareness (consciousness). There are many forms of meditation, with many different lineages. Some are based on a philosophy, or a religion; and some are contemporary styles.

To name all the forms of meditation practiced in Yoga would make a large and handsome book. Rather than approach all forms of meditation, let’s look at the easiest way to meditate, and enjoy the benefits, in the shortest amount of time. After you have successfully practiced meditating for one month, then feel free to experiment with other methods.

The spine should be straight. This is the first factor of successful meditation. Some Yoga students have a difficult time sitting still. If a student comes from a chair sitting culture, he or she will have even more difficulty sitting still and keeping the spine straight.

Instead of focusing the mind, this student is uncomfortable and thinks of pain in the back. Paulji has a method for being comfortable while meditating right away. “Legs through the chair pose” is the posture he advises to keep the back straight. Hence, the student can focus on meditation instead of a pain in the back.

Legs through the chair is easy. Put a blanket on the seat of a chair with an open back, and roll out a Yoga mat in front of that chair. Lie on your Yoga mat. Bring your knees to your chest, and extend your lower legs onto the seat and through the open back. Let your lower legs relax on the blanket that covers the seat. Adjust until you are comfortable with your spine completely flat.

Now, let your body relax, place one hand on your navel and one hand on the center of your chest. Let your elbows gently root into the ground and close your eyes. Focus on your navel and notice how it moves up with inhalation and down when you exhale.

Observe your breath and nothing more, Don’t make judgments, try to control your breath, or extend your breath. Just enjoy each breath like you are on a peaceful ride to a blissful destination. You are now meditating because your mind is only focused on one task.

Do this same Yoga meditation technique for 30 days and feel your mind change. This simple breath awareness technique has changed many Yoga students lives. Students who had difficulty with other meditation methods had no problem learning how to do this. You can always change the asana or extend your breath cycles after you have mastered the foundation of Yoga meditation.

Hari Om Tat Sat

By:  Sanjeev Patel / Aura Publications

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